About Ballstad

In the northern part of Norway, travelling beyond the Arctic Circle, we find a small fishing village named Ballstad. As the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean collides forcefully with its steep dramatic mountains, you might just feel as if you have arrived at the very edge of the Earth. This is where we produce Norway’s finest omega-3

Ballstad Harbor Nic. Haug 

In Ballstad the elements are always fighting it out. In the winter the sun gradually disappears below the horizon, leaving Ballstad in total darkness for a full month. This sets the perfect stage for watching the Aurora Borealis flaring across the dark velvet skies. In the summer the sun never sets, making nights as bright as days, leaving you totally confused about when to leave the summer party.

How do they survive, you might wonder? Norwegians get their strength from the fish. Fresh marine fish oils have always been a natural part of our diet, boosting our immune system and strengthening our hearts, giving us long and powerful lives. Now we’re bringing Ballstad Omega-3 to the world, so that you can experience the health benefits that Norwegians have enjoyed through generations.

Ballstad Harbor winter

Pure power in a pill

The established practice for the international Omega-3 industry is to buy your stock from large, already produced batches, resulting in several omega-3 brands selling the same product, but with different labels. Even though this approach might be simple and cost effective, it comes at the cost of quality control and freshness.

This is why, at Ballstad each individual oil batch is dedicated for only Ballstad products. We have full control of quality assurance all the way from oil production to the final packaged product. And you are always guaranteed to get the same premium Ballstad quality every single time.


Made in Norway

We produce all our oil in Norway, at the world’s finest production facilities.
To ensure product freshness we use nitrogen to exclude all oxygen throughout the whole production process,
from oil production, encapsulation to finished packaging.

Our production facilities operate mainly on hydroelectric power. In addition, we use residual fish oil byproducts as biofuel at the facility, resulting in virtually no waste materials, reducing Ballstad’s production carbon footprint down to almost zero.

“The fish used in Ballstad oil comes only from certified sustainable fishing areas and bears the Friend of the Sea certification”.

Meet the powerful team behind Ballstad:

  • Terje Evensen - Chairman of the board

    Terje has previously worked as: managing director of Ingredia AS, managing director of SFK / BWL AS, which is a leading producer and supplier of food ingredients in Norway. Terje works as chairman of 15 different companies in Norway. He has more than 20 years of international business experience.

  • Per Benjaminsen - Board member

    Per has over 30 years' experience in the food industry as founder of Marine Lipids AS, Probio AS and Ayanda ASA. He has worked as chairman of Nordic Pharma AS, a company in Nordic Naturals Inc. He is a board member of Eevia Health Oy, producer of organic plant extracts for the dietary supplement industry

  • Børge Bjelland - Board member

    Børge currently works as general manager at Glitch Studios and has more than 20 years of experience in online marketing, branding and communication for a wide range of global clients.

  • Svein Erik Nicolaysen - Board member

    Svein Erik is a qualified state-authorised accountant and has worked and held positions in several companies in the health food sector. He has worked for 10 years as general manager of Vesterålen Naturprodukt AS, a leading Norwegian food supplement company.

  • Odd Roar Olsen - Board member and Global Director

    Odd Roar works as Country Manager for Laud Media AŞ, and has over 10 years' experience with development and integration of retail solutions. Previously, he worked at DSGi plc as European Merchandising Manager where he was responsible for developing new technology concepts for retail across Europe.

  • Trond Olsen - GM/Norway

    Trond owns Lofoten Holding AS, which consists of several companies within consumer electronics and service, furniture stores, the tourism industry, business development, property development and food production.

  • Rainer Lauffs - GM/Germany

    Rainer Lauffs is general manager of Ballstad Germany. He has worked for over 20 years in online marketing and online sales. Rainer has also been general manager for over 15 years for All In Marketing Solutions GbmH

  • Dr. Wulf Hambach - Partner/Germany

    Dr. Wulf Hambach is one of the founders of the Hambach & Hambach law firm.

    Dr Hambach also works as a strategic consultant at board level, especially in e-commerce.

    Dr Hambach is co-founder of the European portal Gaminglaw.eu and a member of important associations within the gaming, telecommunications and media industries.

  • Derya Karakoyu - GM/Tyrkia

    Derya manages Ballstad Turkey's operations. She is a chemical engineer and previously worked in production facilities. She has 15 years of experience in supply chain, production, sales and administration within retail and e-commerce.

  • Özge Olsen - Marketing manager

    Özge works with marketing and the affiliate program in Turkey, mainly towards off-line and influencer sales. She is a trained lawyer who specializes in contract and trademark law. She has worked in international software and e-commerce companies for 20 years.

  • Erdem Dur - Technical Lead

    Erdem is IT responsible for Ballstad Global with over 15 years of experience in IT, mainly within Digital Advertising & Commercial Software. With a technical and project management background, Erdem leads projects from a top-down approach.

  • Bose Altinay - Dietitian

    Bose is a dietician and responsible for customer service. She has worked as a consultant for Turkish e-commerce companies with customer flow and social media. She works in Ballstad and gives guidance to customers about their nutrition and omega-3.

  • Pa-pavinee (Form) Pimsomrudee - Marketing manager

    Form works as a marketing manager and administrative assistant in Ballstad Thailand. She has primary responsibility for customer service and market research in addition to keeping the office running.

  • Dominik Waitzer - Germany Advisor

    Dominik is founder and managing director of DeSight Studio GmbH based in Munich. DeSight Studio has been internationally active in the e-commerce sector for over 12 years. In addition to many successful start-ups such as air up or Ankerkraut, DeSight Studio supports listed companies in national and international e-commerce and strategic consulting and expansion.

  • Carolina Waitzer - Germany Advisor

    Carolina is the CEO of DeSight Studio GmbH based in Munich. DeSight Studio has been internationally active in the e-commerce sector for over 12 years. In addition to many successful start-ups such as air up or Ankerkraut, DeSight Studio supports listed companies in national and international e-commerce and strategic consulting and expansion.

  • Mellis Erek - Turkey Advisor

    Mellis was involved in the start-up of Ballstad Turkey, she now works in a consultant role and works as Key account manager in Ballstad and is responsible for global SEO and online marketing. She has previously worked in several international e-commerce companies and led several teams.

History of Ballstad

My name is Odd Roar Olsen; I have grown up in a small fishing village called Ballstad in northern Norway. The village is located on a small island in the Lofoten archipelago, 200 km above the Arctic Circle. Ballstad island has a population of about 1000 people and fishing has been the main way of life and income for thousands of years dating back to the vikings.

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