The history of Ballstad Omega-3

My name is Odd Roar Olsen; I have grown up in a small fishing village called Ballstad in northern Norway. The village is located on a small island in the Lofoten archipelago, 200 km above the Arctic Circle. Ballstad island has a population of about 1000 people and fishing has been the main way of life and income for thousands of years dating back to the vikings.

Odd Roar Olsen in Ballstad
I was lucky to grow up in a place like this where nothing is a given; you have to work for everything. This laid the foundation for my adult life, where only hard work and perseverance produce results. In 2007 I started to traveling wekkly with the company I worked in, I visiting 2-3 countries every week and a work day was on average 14-16 hours a day. It was a great and challenging experience.
After doing some research, I realized that my diet did not contain enough fish and omega-3s. In Norway omega-3s was a natural part of my lifestyle and daily diet, and you dont think about it that much. But my food concumption while working lacked omega-3 fatty acids and it started to affected my performance.
I lived in Istanbul and it was a challenge to find fresh high quality Norwegian omega-3 supplements for my kids, wife, and I needed. So I was bringing omega-3 supplements from Norway for several years.
Odd Roar and his son fishing in Norway

After several years and researching the omega-3 industry myself, I saw that there was great demand for a brand that could meet my families needs: a fresh and highly concentrated Norwegian omega-3 supplement delivered to our home.
I gathered a bunch of enthusiastic experianced people who wanted to put Ballstad on the world map. This was the start of the Ballstad concept. The "Ballstad team" got together in 2016, which concist of persons with decades of experience withing production and retail within the omega-3 sektor. Our first product was defined and produced, and the company was founded.  Our focus was on making the chain from fish to the end product as efficiant as possible, without in any way compromising quality, purity or freshness at any stage of production.
We have spent several years fine-tuning a perfect solution for you; from fresh open water fish to packaged product delivered to your door.
As a Norwegian working in a big and buzzeling city like Istanbul while building a life for two young children can take a lot of energy. Omega-3 helps my body stay in balance and "on top of my game". And I feel a responsibility to share the experiance my family and I have from the omega-3 benefits to everyone so they also can benefit from it.

Through this “omega-3 knowledge movement” we can all lead better and more balanced lives. I am pleased that you gave us the opportunity to present our product to you. We are very proud of what we have achieved and we hope we can be a part of your lifestyle.