Ballstad Affiliate Program with Refersion

Ballstad cares about helping more people achieve the Norwegian standard of living. Earn commissions for each new Ballstad subscription that references you.


  • 40% commission per subscription
  • Free dietitian support
  • Zero participation fee

Be an affiliate in 3 easy steps

Apply for a Discount Coupon
Fill out the application form and your process will begin as soon as possible.

Announce your coupon code
Announce your partnership to your circles and get them to subscribe to a discount with your special code.

Earn as You Make Others Earn
Get a commission for every completed subscription with your referral.

Being a Partner is Profitable

Earn commission for every subscription
Earn 40% commission from every customer who subscribes to Omega-3 and Collagen with a special coupon for you.

Give your customers a discount
Customers that you act as an intermediary receive discounts starting from 20% when starting their subscription and continue to earn 10% Ballstad points every month.

Use your commission income
Buy products with the commission earnings accumulated in your balance or request the income to be transferred to your bank account.

Use our knowledge resources and reach more people
Take advantage of the materials we provide about Ballstad to earn more commissions.

Easy and Prompt

“By far my favorite feature is its easy interface. When it comes to partnership, we should not forget the importance of ease of use.”

“Ballstad offers a program that anticipates my needs. I can instantly see and use my accumulated commission amount.”

“Honestly, I love its simple interface. It provides useful functions for me without having to deal with unnecessary information.”